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r u a goat too?

May 28, 2004 — Leave a comment

so here i sit among boxes and packing materials. sydney (our daughter) naps in the other room. moving again! sheesh! i’ve been involved in some dialogue at, which you should really check out if you haven’t stumbled across it already, and i must admit that it is challenging my thinking and the “why” behind the theology i ascribe to. now, i’m not talking about major tenets of christianity that are being debated in my head… no, it has more to do with where i stand on the liberal-conservative continuum, and were jesus would stand on that same scale. i’ve realized that one of my downfalls is my lack of action when it comes to social justice/compassion.

as i’ve been rereading the gospels, i’ve been struck (again) by the amount of time jesus spent ministering to those “on the fringes”. in my mind, the people in philly that i’m going to minister to, the tattooed, mohawked, pierced, angst-ridden soul, the destiny-seeking college student, the young family trying to get started… all of them are “on the fringes” of the church today in some obvious and not-so-obvious ways. however, there are other fringes of society that i have not even begun to touch! what about the homeless, the alcoholic, the abused, the broken, the disadvantaged, the poor, all that will be sharing in the community that i am moving into? do i hide behind the thin veneer that is my “calling”? do i simply say that i am not called to this or that specific need? that is ridiculous! we are all called to that ministry… that is what separates us from the goats and makes us sheep. you see, the goats were not the homeless, the alcoholic, the abused, the broken, the disadvantaged, the poor. the goats were the ones who saw these people and did nothing. in addition to, not instead of, the ministry to young adults and college students in philly that we’re going to do, i must also minister to the “least” in my community by meeting there needs. no longer will tract evangelism and street witnessing do. when i move into that community, become a part of it, i must serve the needs of the community. what a responsibility… what an honor.