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The myrrhbearers visit Jesus' tomb only to find it empty.

The myrrhbearers visit Jesus’ tomb only to find it empty.

Once again, it is Holy Week. As the Deacon of Creative Liturgy for Theophilus Church, I serve our community by dreaming up creative ways for us to worship together. Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost are our big three services. For each I try to come up with imaginative ways for us to express our common faith together.

For this Easter, I’ve written a child’s monologue in three parts. It is for a girl, 8-12, and is based on the fictional daughter one of Jesus’ female disciples. In chapters 8 and 24 of his gospel, Luke refers to a woman named “Joanna” as one of the women who followed Jesus. She was the wife of Chuza, who was King Herod’s chief steward. Some scholars think that Joanna may be the same woman that Paul refers to when he writes about “Junia” in Romans 16. They posit that Junia could easily be the Latin version of the Hebrew Joanna.

At any rate, for this piece I imagined what it might have been like if a child was given the opportunity to give her own first hand account of the story of Jesus. I do hope that you enjoy it. Feel free to use it in your community this Easter or some Easter in the future.  Continue Reading…