Here Be Monsters…

November 17, 2011 — 5 Comments

My youngest daughter freaked out tonight because she thought she heard a monster in her closet. Thinking quickly, I pulled out my iPhone and opened the Voice memos app, telling her that it was a Monster Detection app. If the needle moved into the red, that would be a clear sign of a monster. Together we checked out her whole room while the app recorded our findings. Thankfully, no monsters.

Anderson Campbell


  • Steve Lewis

    This is awesome! Great job. Thanks for sharing.

  • Joe Burnham

    Awesome! You get my dad of the night award!

  • Joe Burnham
  • Anderson Campbell

    Thanks Steve and Joe. It really was pretty hilarious. Kids, you know?

  • Michael Ratliff

    I’ve searched for a lot of monsters…where was an iphone when I needed it!?