Hitler Finds Out His Church is Having Services on Christmas Day

December 12, 2011 — 5 Comments

Is you church having services on Christmas Day? What do you think about that?

Anderson Campbell


  • robbiepruitt

    Fantastic post! Thanks for sharing . . .

  • Colleen Butcher

    not sure whether I should laugh, cry or find out what he’s really saying. . . I’m not sure how the dialogue went in the worship planning meeting, but we ARE having worship on Christmas day at my church (not on Christmas Eve, though, which gets me worked up!)

  • Anderson Campbell

    Colleen – this will be the first Christmas Eve since my kids were born (8 years ago, for the first) that I’ll be able to spend with them. I’ve been wanting to carry on my family’s Christmas Eve traditions with my kids, but having to be at church all day to work hasn’t made it possible–especially with littles. That changes this year!

  • Rodger McEachern

    Andy – really liked the video…I don’t get why we think we ought not to worship Christ on Christmas Day…particularly when it is on Sunday…I have a 7 pm and a 11 pm Christmas eve service then 10.30 am on Sunday morning…I was a little surprised when a few of my folks questioned having worship Christmas day…for me it was not a question to seriously consider…I will be there whether anyone else is there or not…

  • Colleen Butcher

    Andy…I hear you about times with family and traditions and am really happy for you guys as a family that this year is different!! I’m imagining some new traditions for myself and my son this year too – it feels good.Big churches create all kinds of problems for themselves that they don’t generally see the conflict in – like making staff work all day on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day…to name just one (ticketing Christmas being another!). As a worship leader/pastor, gotta say I’ve been there – done that, but ‘workaholism’ is no longer on my list of ways to show that i’m a good christian and/or ‘part of the team’.