I Found My First Blog Ever.

July 15, 2013 — 2 Comments
Image by © West Semitic Research/Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation/CORBIS

Image by © West Semitic Research/Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation/CORBIS

Holy. Moly. Found my first blog, ever (I think). The beautiful thing about it is how not-beautiful it is. Spelling errors. No capitalization used anywhere. Theology that I’d argue with now. I almost didn’t import all these old posts I found (2004-2006), but that would be dishonest, somehow. I think it’s neat to see how things shift and change over time in one’s views. So, I have updated this blog to include all the old posts I just uncovered. I have one more batch that I still need to add. But here’s the very first one, as far as I know. From Feb 24, 2004: 

lessons from traffic court

And here is a brief index by year:

Most of these are manuscripts for the first sermons I ever preached in front of people. A few, mostly from 2004, are my thoughts on the ’emerging church’ movement stuff I was involved with and some thoughts on wrestling with my own ‘calling.’ There are some threads of consistency in these posts and with stuff I’ve written more recently, and there are some bold contradictions. If I could go back in time, I might fight myself over some of the things I was saying and writing back then. However, it is pretty neat to look back over 10 years of blogging and see how I’ve changed, how my thinking and writing has changed, and to be able to see my 26 year old self through the eyes of my mid-30s self.

It’s kind of like finding a shoebox full of photographs you’d totally forgotten about. Maybe they don’t mean much to anyone else, but for obvious and sentimental reasons, they mean something to you. These mean something to me.

Anderson Campbell


  • Melodie Davis

    I’m impressed you’ve been blogging for ten years. I just started blogging, officially, in Jan 2013. However I have written a syndicated column for 25 years (does that count)? The journey and journaling in this form is always interesting! Loved your piece on Extending the Table–we (Herald Press) have a cookbook by that name, it is what caught my eye. Blessings.

    • http://www.thecrookedmouth.com Anderson Campbell

      Thanks for stopping by, Melodie! Just this week I was able to collect all my old blog posts from other sites (as best as I can tell) and import them here. I did have a two-year hiatus, it seems (from Oct. 06-Jan. 09), but other than that, I’ve been blogging for about 10 years. You have me beat with the syndicated column, though!

      Thanks for the kudos on the Myth of Extending the Table. Probably quite different than Herald’s cookbook, but I’m glad you liked it, nonetheless.