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Relationship Road Maps

June 10, 2011 — 10 Comments


In a couple of months I will travel with my doctoral cohort to Kenya and Ethiopia. I’ve been to North Africa before, but never sub-Saharan Africa. I’m excited for the experience. I’m also trying to prepare for the difference in cultures. I fancy myself a fairly culturally aware person. I understand to a large degree how my worldview is shaped by the culture in which I have been formed. The direction my doctoral work is taking me has me exploring how a particular facet of my culture, namely consumerism, forms families and shapes their commitments. I will argue that the formative nature of consumerism, while unseen by most, have a greater effect in shaping “Christian” families than their professed faith does. This leads to conflict between what a family says it values and the commitments they actually make. But I digress. Back to Africa. Continue Reading…