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The sermon above was preached earlier this year by Jason Clark at his church in Sutton, London, England. He does a wonderful job capturing the “violence” of the Christian life. We are, he asserts, being formed all the time. Yet we rarely take the time to discern what it is that is doing the forming. Followers of Christ claim that it is God, first and foremost, who is forming them into the image of Christ. But is that true? When we take a look at how we prioritize our lives, do those priorities reflect Christ? Do we really have Jesus, all the way through?
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Islands of Misfts?

April 3, 2011 — 3 Comments


This week I’ve been reading through the opening chapters of Dr. Jason Clark’s PhD not-yet-published dissertation. A much more technical treatment of the chapters he contributed to Church in the Present Tense (see my previous post on those), Clark’s dissertation is at once profound and troubling. His quest is for a tertium quid, a third way, between the predominant modes of current Evangelical responses to social relationships in late capitalist market societies. On the one hand are those who would abandon Evangelicalism altogether, concluding that it is too deeply entrenched indebted and entwined in capitalism to have any effective counter movement (Clark turns to the work of John Milbank and William Connolly for support). On the other hand are those who would argue that Evangelicalism’s problem is that it is not entrenched enough, needing to seek more and better undertakings of commodification of capitalism, thereby proving once again the adaptability and relevance of Evangelicalism (Pete Ward is his primary source here).
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Mystery in the Mundane

March 16, 2011 — 5 Comments


I suppose that engaging with one’s professor’s published material ought to be nerve-racking. It is one thing to read, review, and critique the work of authors who, you are rather sure, do not know you exist nor would they likely stumble across your comments and, even if they did, likely wouldn’t deign to respond. This post, however, cannot hide under the cloak of my obscurity. The author, Jason Clark, is the lead mentor of my DMin program and the person who will be giving me marks at the end of the term on the nature of the posts that appear in this space. Yet with all that, I neither fear nor tremble. He is, and I say this in a way that he will hear as loving and kind, just another bloke.
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