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Lent for Newbies

February 12, 2013 — 6 Comments


I didn’t grow up in a high church liturgical tradition, so I knew little about Lent until I was in my twenties. Each year, it seems, I hear of friends and relatives who want to give up something for Lent, but aren’t really sure what, how, or why. So, they usually give up chocolate or beer or smoking and then complain about how hard it is. If you, like me, didn’t grow up in a tradition that observes Lent, but you are intrigued by what you might be missing, I hope you find this post helpful.  Continue Reading…

Of course it is possible, even common, under the misguided moralism that blights most of our churches, to turn the beginning of Lent into a peculiar form of asceticism: we mortify the flesh in the name of the spirit, and deprive our bodies for the sake of religious “growth.”

What a wonderful, timely post on the nature of Ash Wednesday in particular, and Lent in general. This ties in so well with Erdozain’s critique of evangelicalism’s creeping moralism in Victorian England.