What do YOU want?

October 19, 2011 — 2 Comments


Ok. I’m at a crossroads, of sorts. And I need your help.

I started this blog just about a year ago, primarily for posts that I create as part of my Doctor of Ministry program. I have a certain “voice” in those posts that, if I am honest, is probably way to academic for people not already in academic circles. As a result, there just aren’t that many people that read or interact with the content that I post. Most of the traffic is from my D.Min. colleagues. 
But I think I have some pretty good stuff to say! Recently, I’ve been posting a bit more on non-doctorate related things. Here’s what I need from you. If you’re reading this post in October of 2011, it’s likely because you saw my plea on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ asking you to come over here and give me some feedback. So, in the comments below, tell me what YOU would like to see more of in this space.
I will continue to wax eloquently on all things theological, and you will probably continue to wade through those posts. But what kind of discussions would you jump into? Issues related to spirituality and culture? Beer? Tattoos? My kids? Current events? Take a look around the site and let me know what you like and what you don’t. This is an opportunity for you to shape this space. And let me tell you, I think that with your help, this space could blow up. In a really good way. 
So, throw it out there… what are the things you want me to engage, the things that you’d jump into with me?

Anderson Campbell


  • ECSpiegel

    The question to really ask is what type of audience are you aiming your writing at? Once you figure out the audience, the content (and readers) will follow. I personally prefer niche blogs that know their voice. And there isn’t anything saying you can’t have multiple blogs for covering each specific topic.If you haven’t already done so, check out problogger.net for some great content on further expanding and improving your blogging.

  • Anderson Campbell

    Thanks for the link, Eric. I’ve checked out problogger.net before, but will give it a fresh look in light of the questions I’m asking.I think your’e right, defining the audience is an important step. How do you define your audience for your photography blog? Do you have a specific person (or group of people) in mind? Do you find that the audience you are targeting is the audience who is reading your blog? Engaging you there?